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Welcome to Computer Gyan

“Computer Gyan” aims to provide comprehensive computer training to eligible youth in the age group of 14-35. It focuses on equipping individuals with the necessary skills in various computer-related trades based on their preferences. The program not only targets the unskilled and semi-skilled workforce but also ensures inclusion and provision for vulnerable sections such as women, persons with disabilities (PWD), and minorities.

The program emphasizes gender equality by earmarking 30% of the training targets for women. Additionally, it recognizes the importance of diversity and allocates 20% of the targets for minorities. The training courses offered under “Computer Gyan” strictly adhere to the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) guidelines, ensuring that the participants receive standardized and recognized certifications.

Overall, “Computer Gyan” aims to empower individuals with essential computer skills, enhancing their employability and enabling them to contribute effectively to the digital economy. By providing access to quality training and addressing the needs of marginalized groups, the program plays a crucial role in promoting skill development and creating equal opportunities for all.

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What Our Student's Say

"Computer Gyan offers an excellent CCC course that equips students with comprehensive computer knowledge and skills. Highly recommended for building a strong foundation in computer concepts!

Rohan Pandey CCC

At Computer Gyan, the CCC course is top-notch! They provide thorough training and practical hands-on experience, ensuring students gain a solid understanding of computer concepts. I'm impressed with the quality of education and would highly recommend it.

Nidhi CCC

Computer Gyan is the best institute for DCA! The course curriculum is comprehensive, and the faculty is highly knowledgeable. I'm delighted with my learning experience.

Rajesh DCA

Computer Gyan's DCA program is excellent! They offer comprehensive training in computerized accounting, equipping students with valuable skills. Highly recommended

Mohan Pal DCA